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A new era – from Warner to Horner

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This year has been one of change with Louise Warner passing the batten on to Greg and Katrina Horner, 4 kids and collection of animals at the end of September.

Louise has done a fantastic job growing premium grapes and building a fabulous boutique wine label, and we wish her well in her future endeavours.

For us it was a coincidental encounter with Mt Bera and love at first sight, but when we tasted the wines and olive oil there was no turning back! For those who have been here I’m sure you understand the beauty and feel of Mt Bera. We feel incredibly honoured to be here as well as very lucky. Both of us grew up on farms and so it is great to see the kids enjoying the space and freedom as well as the love of animals after being in the city.

We look forward to continuing on the dream that started here with Louise and Peter, as well as meeting you at our upcoming events..