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Pinot Noir

Mt Bera Vineyards is quite blessed when it comes to producing Pinot Noir wines because our vineyards have a majestic balance of sun, coolness and water.

Our Pinots originally came from 3.21 Ha of Pinot Noir, clone MV6, which was planted in 1998.

A parcel of this fruit has been processed at Penfolds Magill Estate for the Cellar Reserve Pinot Noir since the first vintage in 1999.

Since then we have planted 2 additional clones of Pinot Noir in the Amphitheatre, and grafted a section of MV6 to D5V12. Each Pinot clone has different characteristics as well as the site variations – all aimed at adding complexity to our range of Pinot Noir wines.

If you are a Pinophile, you must add us to your bucket list of Pinot Noir to try in your lifetime!

Our Pinot Noir range is wide ranging. As we grow all our own fruit in our vineyards and each vintage is different we try to accentuate the best of each season to create a different wine to the previous vintage. We don’t at any time attempt to make each vintage the same. Everyone’s taste buds and sense of smell are different and we find the wine variations appeal to a large audience.