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Vintage 2019 Update (April)

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Vintage 2019 is almost over. The whites are going through cold stabilisation, and all the reds are safely tucked away in French oak barrels – except the final pick of Cabernet Sauvignon, picked last week and being wild fermented now.

Here are a few shots of activities over the past month.

This photo is of our friendly Jersey heifers overseeing the Tempranillo pick. I guess they want to have the Running with the Cows Tempranillo bottle image updated to include them instead of their older sisters! Grafted onto Merlot vines in 2011 as a trial, then in 2012 a complete section of vines in the lower reaches of the Retreat Valley Rd vineyard, where the night time temperatures plummet and the day time is warm – similar to their home in Spain.

We produce a range of Tempranillo variants. Our Tempranillo Rose’ has no residual sugar, but light and fruity still. The Running with the Cows Tempranillo has the rich fruit and stronger tannins, and the Wild & Free Tempranillo is more complex, smoother and spicier which is typical of the wild ferments.

Of course being estate grown single vineyard wines, means each year is different due to the changes in the seasons – which provides another dimension of interest.